Dried flowers, preserved flowers.

One of the most exciting developments in floristry over the last few years is the introduction of dried flowers and preserved flowers. It has allowed florists so much more scope to overcome issues of flower availability due to seasonal and environmental changes.

At Code Bloom we have stocked preserved roses for many years and our customers can attest to their longevity! We’ve increased our long lasting range to include a new variety of many foliages and flowers.

Whilst our shopfront is temporarily closed, we have plenty of stock of our preserved flowers. So we are still taking orders for pre-made preserved flower arrangements and for custom made arrangements.

All orders can be picked up from our YOKINE address (not our Mt Hawthorn shop) and should be available either same day or next day!

Please call, email or message us to place your order. Each picture has a name and a price as an example of some pre-made arrangements.


Colours of preserved roses are baby pink, porcelain pink, white, ivory, hot pink, champagne, silver, gold, rose gold and black. Some colours may be out of stock from time to time so give us a call if you are looking for something in particular.

Have a browse below at some of the varying creations that we’ve been involved with lately.

Have some questions about these? Well so have many of our customers at our Mt Hawthorn shop.

We have created a dried flower FAQ with the most popular questions we are hearing on a day to day basis. Have a read and see if this answers yours, if not pop us a line and ask us direct.


 What is the difference between dried flowers and preserved flowers?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked at Code Bloom.

The difference being that dried flowers are just that.  They have been cut as a fresh flower stem and then dried.  This is only achievable in certain stems and works best with native flowers.

Dried flowers will continue to change over time, either changing further in colour or even shrinking in size. It all depends on the exact flower.

Preserved flowers have been injected with a natural oil that prolongs the ageing process. They are expected to stay looking the same for up to 5 years.

Contrary to some floristry phrasings this doesn’t mean they are “everlasting”.  Preserved flowers too will age over time, their lifespan also differs between different flower stems.


How much are dried or preserved flowers?

Dried flowers are generally a very similar price to what they would sell as when they were a fresh cut flower stem.

Preserved flowers can be a little pricey. Our stock ranges from $1.00 per stem up to $85 per stem.

But if you think that those flowers will be around for years to come they end up pretty good value!


Are all flower types available as preserved or dried flowers?

No not yet. Currently we have a good selection of foliages such as gum, ruscus and many types of ferns. Flowers include mainly natives, hydrangeas and rose heads. However the selection is sure to increase as the popularity of this range is exploding.


Can they be combined with fresh flowers?

Dried or preserved flowers can be combined with fresh flower stems.  The downside of doing this is that the fresh flowers will die and your arrangement will then look a little odd. It also may impact on the lifespan of the preserved flowers as they do not like moisture. In saying this if you are after a particular look for an event and the longevity of the arrangement as a whole is not an issue then certainly go ahead and combine the two.


Some flowers look dyed?

That is because they are. We stock several flowers that have been either bleached or treated with a tint or dye. If this is something you want to steer clear of just ask our florists and we can advise you exactly what is more natural


Can I arrange them myself?

Absolutely!  For any budding florists out there dried and preserved flowers can be more forgiving to arrange than fresh stems. Code Blooms sells all flowers and foliage per stem so you can pick out any you want to use and arrange them yourself at home.

If you need any help or want to leave it to the trained professionals we are always here!


Can I order a dried flower delivery to Perth? 

Not just at the moment, sorry!  Whilst our shopfront is currently closed due to COVID-19 we have chosen to cease deliveries currently to limit all social contact.  We are available for non-contact pickups from Yokine though.


What are the care instructions?

With every order we sell we pass on a care guide. This explains in detail what care is needed for the blooms. Overall it is a light dusting, keeping them in an appropriate position away from light or moisture, and most importantly – NO WATER!