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Tough decisions, temporary closure

30th March 2020 | in

Well, who was prepared for this?

People, life, and business all of a sudden affected by a virus that has devastated the world. Whilst Australia isn’t as badly affected as some countries so far, we have all had to make many adjustments to our way of life.

At Code Bloom we were faced with a dilemma pretty instantly. Myself and another staff member were considered high risk and both of us were advised to isolate immediately. Whilst we attempted to remain operating with fresh flowers by closing the doors, updating cleaning procedures and doing non-contact deliveries there are still so many issues with this setup.

It might sound like it would work, but at the heart of it, how many people in this supply chain are we being exposed to? And in turn, how many are we exposing from our continuing trade?  From the growers, the wholesalers, customers, staff, delivery drivers and then add in all the incidental exposures amongst this chain. It just takes one person to set in place a horrifying sequence of events.

So we came to what we believe is the only ethical decision to make right now, to limit this contact and limit all social contact as much as possible by temporarily closing our doors and halting our fresh flower services.

Yes this has meant that staff members unfortunately may be out of work for a while, however it does mean that they are safe at home with their family which is particularly comforting. As a collective group Code Bloom has opted for family and safety over profits. As a business owner with staff that have been with me many years, there is no way I would ever want anything to happen to them, and as lovely as all the support for local businesses has been, there is no flower order worth my staff’s health.

At one of the busiest times the Perth florist community has ever been in, it was a hard decision.  We are confident that our regular customers are understanding of our decision and will return once we are able to reopen our flower service.

In the meantime we are adapting our website to include more of our usual giftware and offering postage options as well as a local non-contact pickup option. We hope that this will enable us to continue in some way to provide a service in the safest way possible.



So if there is someone’s birthday coming up, or someone you want to cheer up and you can’t get to see them, have a browse at our website or get in touch and see what we can do. We will be updating and improving our website on a daily basis and adding more of our giftware constantly. (Our preserved flower range is also available for non-contact pickups as these flowers were received many months ago)

Above all we hope to be back, flowering and with open doors at The Mezz as soon as we can.