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Maho Sensory Sticks now in store

15th April 2023 | in

Maho Sensory Sticks – Code Bloom is excited to showcase our newest gift range in store this week.

Maho sensory sticks have a sophisticated feel, taking you to a calming place.

Founded in Melbourne, Maho sensory sticks honour the ancient art and wisdom of burning to awaken the senses and transport the mind to an oasis of inner calm.


Our florist’s have tested each of the six fragrances available and our top pick  –  Wander Bloom (no surprise really considering it is the most floral of the fragrances and even has bloom in the title!!)

Wander Bloom is busting to life with exotic lychees and newly opened blooms, washes sparks of jasmine, lilies, and peonies across a balmy summer air. Underlaid with hints of musk, moss, and fresh cut fruit.  This sweet and floral fragrance whisks along the Mekong River boasting splashes of life and vitality along the way.

Other fragrances worth noting being Oud Boheme (Oud, Sandalwood and Vanilla) and Artisan Leather (Smoke, Leather, Cypress)

Maho Hardware and Burners

As for the hardware and burners, the choices are wide ranging.

The starter pack ($36.95) contains 30 sensory sticks, and also has the button burner if you don’t wish to purchase anything else. This is great value considering the burn time on these packs equate to 30 hours.


Next up we have the Enkei  ($39.95) which is a minimalist solid brass burner with natural brush finish.

And Bo ($44.95) which is made of the same solid brass as Enkei, a solid line designed to have your sticks leaning on an angle.

Both Enkei and Bo are available in store.

For the ultimate Maho burner we can’t go past the Hoseki Sara rose quartz burner ($84.95). We can’t tell you how much we love this one.

The rose quartz crystal with brushed copper is a stunning addition to any room. However the healing qualities of the crystal also have us hooked. The Hoseki Sara directs smoke energy into the copper conduit honoured for it’s healing properties. Activated when lit, the ignited fragrance induces calm, relaxation and eases the mind along a transcendent journey through nature and smoke.

Hoseki Sara

All Maho products are on display at our gift shop in Mt Hawthorn. Pop in for a browse and to discuss this new exciting range with our florists.