The inner workings of Code Bloom brought to life, find out about all the happenings at this Perth florist in our blog.

Interview with a Perth Florist – part 1 – Amy K

14th April 2017 | in

Code Bloom has some of the most talented Perth florists around.  Over the next few months we will bring you an insight into the inner workings at our florist shops.

How long have you worked at Code Bloom?

  • Around 5 years

Have you got any nicknames?

  • Toadie, The AK Way

Where did you study floristry?

  • I did my Certificate 2 through Tafe in Murdoch and Certificate 3 at Flowers Design School in West Leederville

And what attracted you to floristry?

  • I’ve always loved flowers, and I wanted to work somewhere where I could be creative.

What is your favourite product that we sell at Code Bloom?

  • There’s too many to choose from!  But I really enjoy making a classic white bouquet because it is a fresh classic bouquet and can be used for many different occasions.

talented perth florists at code bloom

Do you have a favourite flower?

  • Anenomes – white and black anenomes, they aren’t in season for long and it’s not often that you come across a flower that is black and white.

Is there someone that has influenced you greatly in your floral career?

  • I love social media and Instagram has such a great influence on florists these days.  I’m loving Hollie Hipwell of @theflowerdrum – her styling of events is always unique and extravagant, stepping outside the square with incredible hanging installations as well.

Out of all the big floral events of the year, (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas) which is your favourite?

  • Mother’s Day – there is a lot more versatility in terms of the flowers at Mother’s Day compared to Valentines or Christmas. Customers are generally happy to let us have more input and creativity at this time of year.

What has been your favourite day or most memorable moment at Code Bloom?

  • That would have to be the time Asher Keddie came into the Mt Hawthorn shop to look at peonies.

Do you have any weird quirks that other staff members have noticed in your work life?

  • I do admit that I love cleaning the floors and mats!

Who is your celebrity crush?

  • Paul Rudd