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Dried & Preserved Flowers

2nd September 2019 | in

Dried and preserved flower arrangements are now available at Code Bloom!

We have stocked preserved roses for some time, however our long lasting range has now expanded to include a larger variety of other flowers and fillers, such as hydrangeas, peonies, ruscus, and amaranthus.

These special arrangements can be custom made for your needs, whether it is for a romantic proposal, an engagement party or just to make your house look special!

We are using a combination of dried flowers with preserved flowers to make them long lasting.

The dried flowers will certainly continue to age and dry out further, whilst the preserved flowers will remain as is for a much longer period of time than normal and eventually age themselves.

Two of these flower arrangements are available to order online today – a pastel version and a romantic version. Keep in mind that we can make anything for you and would love to get our creative on for you!

Advances in the floristry world are just amazing and we are loving getting the opportunity to work with such exquisite flowers.

To be able to appreciate them for the next year and even longer is mind blowing!

Come and view our range or chat about any projects you might have in mind.


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