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Get your greenery! Indoor plants for gifts or yourself

3rd May 2018 | in

You couldn’t have missed the new trend throughout Perth even if you are a home body with the blackest thumb ever.




It’s simple.  Greenery in any form has become the new normal to bring into your house: indoor plants are in!

Your greenery can come in many different forms.  It could even be just a simple arrangement of greenery in a vase.  A smart, classic look that is long lasting as well.

What kind of indoor plants should I buy?

Bringing greenery into the house with indoor plants is also on trend at the moment.  Larger potted plants such as fiddle leaf figs or monstera plants can be found greening many living rooms or offices. Smaller plants like peperomia have beautiful leaves that shine under lights and fit neatly into many spaces.

Potted Peperomia - a great indoor plant gift

Try a potted peperomia for some indoor plant sparkle

Green plants can create a classic, elegant look in any room of a house.  It can soften the room and create a lush sanctuary within the walls of your home. Inside plants are easy to care for and here at Code Bloom we sell a range of indoor plants online for gifts or for your own home.

Why should I have indoor plant pots or indoor office plants?

Benefits from greenifying your house or even your workplace are not just superficial either.  Scientific research has shown that there can be physical benefits to indoor house plants too. 

Buy our Indoor plants online - beautiful greenery for the home or office

More beautiful greenery potted ready for your perfect indoor spot

Lowering the carbon dioxide level, reducing the level of certain pollutants and reducing airborne dust levels are just some of the positive benefits from a greener interior. Indoor plants have been known to create a calmer, more relaxed atmosphere and reduce stress. You will breathe better, sleep better and research even suggests having greenery around can improve your mental health, too.