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Dried Flowers in Perth

18th April 2022 | in

Dried Flowers in Perth

Proving very popular still, we are not seeing a stop to this trend any time soon in Perth!  And we love that!

For the last few years Code Bloom’s florists have been excited to create a range of dried and preserved vases.  With new stock coming through weekly there is always something new to try out.

Some of our most popular designs are shown here.  These we generally try to keep in stock as they are so popular.

Other designs are just one off designs, never to be repeated such as these!

Our range generally starts at around $60 for one of the small mini vases and some of our larger arrangements can be up to $300 or $400. Of course at that price the arrangements are pretty amazing.

The website will always have a selection of dried flowers for delivery across Perth available that day. But remember if you are local to Perth our shop located in Mt Hawthorn has a much larger variety with many one off vases available to choose from.

Our dried flower FAQ page may also help to answer any questions you have about dried and preserved flowers in Perth plus we are always here to have a chat and help you out.

Preserved Roses

Not to be forgotten are the preserved roses that we have stocked for so many years at Code Bloom.

Available in many different colours and different numbers of roses in hatboxes too.

These are real roses that have been injected with a gel to stop the ageing process and keep them looking real for at least one year. However most customers have been able to keep these looking good for much longer, some up to 3 or 4 years!

A selection of preserved roses are made up ready to grab and go in the shop every day, otherwise we can make your order up with just a day or two’s notice.  We highly recommend these for a lovely unique gift!